Mercury Goes Direct

mercuryedited1After going full throttle the last few weeks, Mercury Retrograde is slowly coming to an end. But, the aftermath can still be felt because its “shadow” period lasts until November 10th. (And yep, it’s still in action! As I was about to publish this post, the draft didn’t save and completely deleted. This is my 2nd time writing the same post!) Good news: As of last Saturday, October 25th, Mercury has gone Direct.

How was Mercury Retrograde for you? If you remember this post, it was recommended to put things on hold, especially major decisions, until after the 25th. It was also a great opportunity to pause and take stock of all that’s happened, while recognizing what needs to happen before moving forward most effectively, truthfully and authentically.

For me, it was a pretty intense time. Whether it was like a brick hitting me or a friendly yet profound Ah-ha moment, I gained major clarity about areas in my life that weren’t working. For example, I’ve always had high expectations of everything, with myself and others included. This constantly caused me to be disappointed. I mean, who and what can live up to dream-like expectations? I don’t want to feel that way anymore. Going forward, I’ve decided to not have too many expectations other than to be treated with respect and to do my best.

And now what does Mercury going Direct mean? For starters, it’s the ideal time to make those plans you’ve held off on (big decisions, signing contracts, travel plans) since we now have a better understanding of the small and big picture based on our new clarity.

Another biggie is to focus on and review our relationships – both personal and business. Are any of them off-balance? If they are off-balance and aren’t in alignment with your deepest goals and values, can you and your partner agree on new terms that serve both of you? If a satisfying common ground can’t be found that allows you to respect yourself and each other, then a choice needs to be made. Through eliminating what isn’t working, room can be created for new relationships.

Spiritual Teacher Dipali Desai says, “In the natural progression of relationships, the main theme is evolution and healing. If two people are simply on different pages and have two different ideas of what the relationship is all about, if there is no middle ground and way to honor each other to move parallel, it will be difficult to sustain it.”

If you decide to leave any relationship, do so with grace and gratitude. Not by talking bad or gossiping. Desai writes, “There is potential for communicating with loving-kindness and straight-forward assertiveness. Conflicts or opposing points of view will require communication or resolution, which could lead to an ending and change. Be clear, direct and loving in stating your needs.”

It’s also time to step up and take responsibility in our relationships. “You are responsible for your emotions, reactions and choices which help your overall growth, healing, health and well-being. Allow others to take their responsibility,” says Desai.

You can read the full insight on Mercury Direct on Mystic Mamma.

How was Mercury Retrograde for you?





Mercury Goes Retrograde – 10.3.2014

mercury retrogradeToday, October 3rd, Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio until October 25th. For several reasons, many people don’t look forward to & don’t like this astrological time. Also referred to as Mercury Retro ARGH. Obviously, it’s here for a reason, so let’s embrace it!

How to do that? It’s recommended to adapt to a slower pace & to put some things on hold, especially major decisions, until after the 25th. It’s a great opportunity to take stock of all that’s happened up to now while also recognizing what needs to happen before things can move forward most effectively.

What is that for you? I can definitely think of “housekeeping” I need to do before moving forward.

This article from the Huffington Post with a simple list of “do’s” is a must-read to help you best get through this time.

The good news is that by late October after reflecting & reworking, we’ll have a better understanding of how we want to live our life & can move on from our old struggles. As seen in Mystic Mamma, Robert Wilkinson writes, “It will help us do the research we need to get ready to spring forward in mid-November, clear about what we know, what we need to know, who we need to get closer to, and who we need to say goodbye to.”

Enjoy this time + roll with it!


Words to Live By


quoteI love coming across quotes people post that really resonate with me. Food for thought. This is one of them. It’s in complete alignment with how I want to live my life & why I created A Lovely Life.



Go with the Flow

MeMeditatingpose2Yesterday I had one of those mornings. My alarm was set to go off at the usual time. I had things to do & places to be. All of a sudden, I woke up to someone knocking at the front door. My immediate thought was who would be there in the middle of the night or so early in the morning. Clearly, I had no idea what time it was. I looked at the clock & saw it was 9:15am. I got up in a panic because I had way overslept! Being panicked & a little anxious was my first response.

In somewhat of a daze, I answered the door. As I started to quickly get ready for the day, it clicked in my mind that I needed to reset how I was feeling & reacting, so that my entire day wasn’t affected. I decided to be nice to myself & practice one of my core values & a category of this blog – self-love & self-care. My attitude switched to being grateful that I had slept in because my body obviously needed it.

Yet, I still felt scattered for much of the day. Later in the day, I was talking to a friend & she reminded me that what happened was actually a gift. It was great! My body had a plan of its own that was just as important, if not more so, than the plans I had for the day.

I want to share this because it’s a little reminder to not be hard on yourself when something like this happens to you. It most likely will & already has. Turn the stressful response into gratitude for having had the opportunity to honor & respect your body. The lesson I learned was “Let Go & Let Flow”. Maybe sounds cheesy, but it’s true!





A Woman to Watch

Loren at Home

photo credit: Eddie Melikian

For the September/October issue of CV Luxury, I interviewed & wrote an article on Loren Booth, a pretty amazing & inspiring woman. She’s multidimensional – the owner of a large farming operation, Booth Ranches, an avid horsewoman, philanthropist, & most importantly, proud mother & grandmother. LorenRidingHorse

I was drawn to interview Loren because of her work-life balance & the way she lives life fully. If something visual can represent her, it’s the painting of a cowgirl wearing bright western clothes that’s hanging above her living room mantle. Loren said to me, “I bought the piece because the cowgirl is painted outside the lines. That’s exactly how I want to live my life. I want to live each day to its fullest.” Loren Cowgirl

Check out the full story, “Not Just for Show”, on the CV Lux website or in the Fall Fashion issue.


Full + Super Moon in Pisces – September 8th, 2014

Full Moon

Tonight there is a Full + Super Moon in Pisces. Pisces is a water & a feminine sign, contributing to us feeling a heightened sense of sensitivity with the potential for deep healing.

Based on the astral signs, a few things may come up during this time:

heartIssues that have carried over from childhood + the past, such as:

  1. Codependency (do you rely too much on someone or something?)
  2. Enabling (is there someone you don’t stand up to when you should?)
  3. Addiction
  4. Victimization (the “poor me, it’s their fault” mentality)
  5. Playing the Martyr

Tips: Recognize any of these or other issues that continue to show up in your life. Acknowledge them because you know them well, even though they are no longer your friend ;). Then, ask yourself what changes can YOU make to get rid of them?

Kelley Rosano says it well, “Be the captain of your ship. Be the master of your destiny. Your power lies in how you take care of you. You want to love YOURSELF more than the need for other people’s approval. Otherwise, you are giving your power away to forces outside of you.” In order to move forward in the best way & release whatever has been dragging you down, you first need to accept the powerful truth that you are in control of your own life.


Healing & cleaning of the karmic past in our relationships & commitments. We’re provided with the ability to now focus on the relationships that mean the most to us. (Source: Divine Harmony)

You can find more info on this Full + Super Moon on MysticMamma.

I hope you experience some deep cleaning + healing!


Today’s News: Full Moon + Super Moon in Aquarius


What’s going on today? If you feel a little emotional, stressed + anxious, it could be because of the Full Moon, Super Moon in Aquarius. With it being a Super Moon (there’s only 5 of them in the entire year), it means the moon is closer to the Earth, making it ‘super’ powerful.

How is it so powerful? This moon is about finding our ‘’True North’’. Mystic Mamma writes, “Our True North is aligning with our center & our most authentic self. In honoring our Self, we will have to define our own path as well as our own boundaries.” Interesting how ‘boundaries’ come back into the conversation. I wrote this post on boundaries earlier in the week.

What to watch for? This moon will illuminate:

  • Supportive networks, kindred spirits, relationships with friends.
  • Flashes of genius, or as Oprah says, “Ah-Ha” moments ;).
  • Spiritual growth.
  • Where you fit in in the world.
  • Being Yourself. To express your quirks + all. In doing so, you give others permission to be themselves.
  • An inside-out change. In order for promising, new events to happen, we may have to restructure, whether it’s internally or externally.

How it’s been showing up for me? I’ve felt an impact from this Moon all week. I’ve definitely been more emotional, more anxious, even when I feel I don’t have a reason to be, + my body has been a little off.

Good things you can do to help you out today:

  • Practice radical self-love, whether that’s going for a run, getting a massage, practicing yoga, dry brushing, etc.
  • Go outdoors, be in nature.

Enjoy this powerful Moon + finding your “True North”.


August = The Month of Focus + Boundaries


Each month on Mystic Mamma there are great posts on the theme of that month. I love to read them, but the text is pretty long & can be difficult to decipher. To do us a favor, I’ve broken it down. Here goes…


To summarize + bottom line what Lena Stevens from says:

“This is a fiery and active month, demanding that you put your mojo out there to be seen and heard.”

And how can you do that?

  • Be focused, disciplined, & get things done.
  • It’s not a good time to be ambivalent, wishy washy or lethargic, so make decisions.
  • Notice if you’re going along with what someone else wants just because it’s easier than exerting your own will. If what you’re doing isn’t what you want, then stand your ground + begin to make changes.

BOTTOM LINE: Listen to what your mind, body + heart are telling you & have been telling you to do AND act on it. Do you have a personal or professional goal to work on? Are there changes you want to make in your relationships? Whatever it is you want to do, this is a great time to take control of your life. 

**My example: I’ll be putting my energy + focus into developing A Lovely Life & the Fall Fashion issue of CV Luxury. They are both things that make me happy + that I love, so I want to make them happen in the best way possible!

How to work on your Focus?

  • For 5 minutes a day, meditate on 1 thing that you want to create in your life. To meditate : sit down, close your eyes, take slow + even breaths in + out. Focus on that 1 thing.
  • You’ll most likely have thoughts come into your mind. That’s when Boundaries kick in. Realize you have to focus on that 1 thing + eliminate everything else that’s getting in the way.

Lena explains it well, “FOCUS is like putting a spotlight on something. BOUNDARIES are there to insure that what is not under the spotlight does not interfere”.

What else is going on?

The 3rd (Manipura) chakra, located in the area of the solar plexus, navel + digestive system, plays a big role this month. It’s associated with self-esteem + the power of transformation, which is what give us direction + focus.

How to strengthen your Manipura chakra?

  • Move your body + do more physical activity.
  • Do core work – a few examples : sit ups, plank, boat pose.
  • Spend time in the sun.
  • Wear more yellow! 🙂

I hope you use the energies of this month to work towards creating something amazing! I’d love to hear what you’ll be focusing on.


Turning A Dream Into A Reality


Today, Friday, August 1st, I officially launch A Lovely Life. When deciding when would be a good time to launch, I thought the 1st of the month would be perfect. It’s a fresh, clean start. So, what is A Lovely Life? A Lovely Life is inspired by my journey & passion to create a life I love. It’s been a dream & big goal of mine for a long time to share with you & help you (another goal) to create the life you love.

I’ve been working on the site for a few months, gradually making this dream into a reality. I’m so excited & happy that it’s ready to go, but also a little nervous because I’m putting out into the world the most authentic version of myself. Yet, as I write that, I again feel so excited!

Please visit A Lovely Life often & thank you in advance for allowing me to become a part of your adventure!

You can find out more about A Lovely Life HERE & HERE.



Full Moon ~ July 12, 2014

image of full moonTomorrow is the Full Moon Super Moon in Capricorn. The Sun is in Cancer, the archetype of the mother, & the Moon is in Capricorn, the archetype of the father. So, what does that mean for you? I know, I know, I usually need a translation.

It basically means it’s a great time to balance the feminine + masculine sides of yourself, regardless of whether you’re a male or female. When we’re in the feminine, we’re less aggressive + controlling & we flow. When we’re in the masculine, we take action & go. So, this Saturday, practice to first reflect + feel grounded (meditation + sun salutations help). Then, when you have more clarity, you’ll be able to take the best possible action.

For more on the Full Moon in Capricorn, visit this amazing + informative source.