How To Be An “Energetic Sensei” : Part 1

Image via Mystic Mamma

Image via Mystic Mamma

Every day we come into contact with a lot of people, places + things. We are in touch in person, over the phone, through email, while watching TV…the list goes on. That doesn’t even include the places we go. And that is why Energy Clearing is so important.

Connecting with others, being active + overall, being involved in the world, is a normal, daily + vital occurrence. It can’t be eliminated because to be fully functioning + healthy human beings we are meant to be social.

We’re also incredibly energetic beings. I don’t mean ‘energy’ as in the level of physical energy we have. I’m talking about our emotional energy, which can be positive or negative. As we all know, some times we’re happy, at ease + positive. Other times, sad, stressed + negative. When interacting with others, our energy can easily transfer onto them. Have you ever been able to sense the mood someone is in without them having to tell you?

To clear energy that’s on me, I do a very, very brief verbal meditation that Anne Van De Water taught me. She calls it being an “Energetic Sensei”.

How does it make me feel? When asking for external energy to be removed, I instantly feel weight lifted off of me. When I ask for my energy to be given back to me, I feel more inner strength + completeness.

Note: It’s not that it’s not beneficial for other’s energy to be on you. There’s amazing energy out there, BUT it’s not your energy + can make you feel scattered. So, in order to be truly you, you need to remove the energy that doesn’t belong to you + vice versa.


When: Good to do in the AM to set the tone for the day, during the day if you feel you need to + always at night.

Where: ANYWHERE. That’s the great thing about it! In bed, in the car, at work…

How to do the Energy-Clearing Verbal Meditation:

*Can be said out loud or quietly to yourself.

To give energy back in a positive way:


Then, to take back your energy that’s out in the world:


Try out being an Energetic Sensei!


August = The Month of Focus + Boundaries


Each month on Mystic Mamma there are great posts on the theme of that month. I love to read them, but the text is pretty long & can be difficult to decipher. To do us a favor, I’ve broken it down. Here goes…


To summarize + bottom line what Lena Stevens from says:

“This is a fiery and active month, demanding that you put your mojo out there to be seen and heard.”

And how can you do that?

  • Be focused, disciplined, & get things done.
  • It’s not a good time to be ambivalent, wishy washy or lethargic, so make decisions.
  • Notice if you’re going along with what someone else wants just because it’s easier than exerting your own will. If what you’re doing isn’t what you want, then stand your ground + begin to make changes.

BOTTOM LINE: Listen to what your mind, body + heart are telling you & have been telling you to do AND act on it. Do you have a personal or professional goal to work on? Are there changes you want to make in your relationships? Whatever it is you want to do, this is a great time to take control of your life. 

**My example: I’ll be putting my energy + focus into developing A Lovely Life & the Fall Fashion issue of CV Luxury. They are both things that make me happy + that I love, so I want to make them happen in the best way possible!

How to work on your Focus?

  • For 5 minutes a day, meditate on 1 thing that you want to create in your life. To meditate : sit down, close your eyes, take slow + even breaths in + out. Focus on that 1 thing.
  • You’ll most likely have thoughts come into your mind. That’s when Boundaries kick in. Realize you have to focus on that 1 thing + eliminate everything else that’s getting in the way.

Lena explains it well, “FOCUS is like putting a spotlight on something. BOUNDARIES are there to insure that what is not under the spotlight does not interfere”.

What else is going on?

The 3rd (Manipura) chakra, located in the area of the solar plexus, navel + digestive system, plays a big role this month. It’s associated with self-esteem + the power of transformation, which is what give us direction + focus.

How to strengthen your Manipura chakra?

  • Move your body + do more physical activity.
  • Do core work – a few examples : sit ups, plank, boat pose.
  • Spend time in the sun.
  • Wear more yellow! 🙂

I hope you use the energies of this month to work towards creating something amazing! I’d love to hear what you’ll be focusing on.


Turning A Dream Into A Reality


Today, Friday, August 1st, I officially launch A Lovely Life. When deciding when would be a good time to launch, I thought the 1st of the month would be perfect. It’s a fresh, clean start. So, what is A Lovely Life? A Lovely Life is inspired by my journey & passion to create a life I love. It’s been a dream & big goal of mine for a long time to share with you & help you (another goal) to create the life you love.

I’ve been working on the site for a few months, gradually making this dream into a reality. I’m so excited & happy that it’s ready to go, but also a little nervous because I’m putting out into the world the most authentic version of myself. Yet, as I write that, I again feel so excited!

Please visit A Lovely Life often & thank you in advance for allowing me to become a part of your adventure!

You can find out more about A Lovely Life HERE & HERE.



Dry Skin Brushing – Stimulate + Invigorate


For a little more than a year I’ve been Dry Skin Brushing. When I first heard about it from an Ayurvedic Specialist, my first thought was, “What is this? Oh yeah, of course it’s to get rid of dry skin. Makes sense.” But, not until I started “dry skin brushing” properly, did I realize how absolutely amazing it is!

So, What Is It? In Dr. Jack Soltanoff’s book, “Natural Healing”, he explains that “dry skin brushing is based upon ancient Chinese principles of acupuncture & acupressure. By applying pressure to the acupuncture points, the entire nervous system is stimulated & invigorated. The beneficial aspects are directly conveyed to every organ, gland, muscle and ligament in your body.” THE BOTTOM LINE: Dry skin brushing affects your entire body in the best way.

The skin is an organ – it’s actually the largest eliminative organ of the body. Every day it has the potential to eliminate about a pound of waste products in the form of sweat. Dry brushing helps to open up the pores to release this waste or toxins.

The Benefits:

  • buffs away dead skin
  • reduces cellulite
  • tones & tightens the skin
  • stimulates blood flow, which helps move oxygen to all parts of the body
  • increase energy level (so especially helpful to do in the AM.)
  • improves breathing as the lungs are able to open more fully
  • improves mental clarity
  • helps with digestion
  • strengthens immune system
  • if you skip a workout or don’t eat so well,  dry brushing will help you feel significantly better

Now that it’s a part of my daily, morning ritual, I do it first thing when I start to get ready for the day. After sleeping & being stagnant, it helps me feel energized & refreshed. On the days I forget to do it, I don’t feel as great & I miss it!

Brush&coconutoilHow to Do It:

You Need: A brush made with natural, hard bristles. I bought mine at Whole Foods & this is a good one.

When to Do It: Preferably in the morning when getting ready for the day. Skin must be dry so do before working out and/or taking a shower.

Where: Standing up in the bath or in the shower.

How To: (Note: Always brush towards the heart)

1. The Legs.

  • Brush 15 strokes from toes to ankles over both the sole & top of foot.
  • Brush 15 strokes from ankles to knees – front & back of leg.
  • Focus on the back of the knee.
  • Brush 15 strokes from knees to thighs – front & back.
  • Make circular movements over thighs & buttocks (cellulite tends to accumulate in those areas). *Repeat on other leg.

2. The Arms.

  • Brush 15 strokes from fingers to wrist – front & back of hand & between fingers.
  • Brush 15 strokes wrist to elbow – front & back of arm.
  • Circular movements over shoulders & armpits.
  • Brush 15 strokes elbow to shoulder – front & back. *Repeat on other arm.

3. The Stomach.

  • Careful circular clockwise brushing.

4. The Neck.

  • Brush down towards the heart.

5. The Back.

  • Brush long firm strokes downwards towards the groin.

Post-Dry Brushing: Skin tends to be a little drier after brushing, so moisturizing the skin with an organic, cold pressed oil, like coconut, olive, jojoba or sesame oil, is perfect. Massage into the skin in the same direction as you did while brushing, always moving towards the heart.

I hope you enjoy! I’d love to hear your comments + questions.



Full Moon ~ July 12, 2014

image of full moonTomorrow is the Full Moon Super Moon in Capricorn. The Sun is in Cancer, the archetype of the mother, & the Moon is in Capricorn, the archetype of the father. So, what does that mean for you? I know, I know, I usually need a translation.

It basically means it’s a great time to balance the feminine + masculine sides of yourself, regardless of whether you’re a male or female. When we’re in the feminine, we’re less aggressive + controlling & we flow. When we’re in the masculine, we take action & go. So, this Saturday, practice to first reflect + feel grounded (meditation + sun salutations help). Then, when you have more clarity, you’ll be able to take the best possible action.

For more on the Full Moon in Capricorn, visit this amazing + informative source.


One Scenic Wedding

One Scenic Wedding

There is much more to the relationship between a future Mr. & Mrs. than the wedding, but a wedding can be symbolic of the couple, their personalities, priorities, & tastes. Regardless of what they say & don’t say about the couple, they are fun to see!

In the July/August Bridal issue of CV Luxury, I covered the beautiful spring, Carmel wedding of Alex Harris & Doug Brunner.

To read the full article –

I hope you enjoy!







The Honeymoon Bag



|Clockwise: J. Crew hat, Jennifer Fisher “Mrs.” cuff, Belusso “La Ramatuelle” tunic, Belusso “Les Moulins” swimsuit, J.Crew “Malta” metallic sandals, Previse SunSheer, Rock Scissor Paper tote bag, Keenan Farms pistachios, Persol sunglasses.|

With the summer wedding season in full swing, the July/August issue of CV Luxury, is all about bridal style, beauty, etiquette, & travel. For most of us, planning the wedding isn’t the only thing on our to-do list, but also the conundrum of packing our honeymoon bag.

To take a few decisions off your plate, I’ve chosen some honeymoon style essentials, so that you feel & look fabulous without the fuss.


From The Ground Up

muladharaThe main intention of this blog is to inspire and guide you in creating the life you love, so it seems fitting to 1st write about where both A Lovely Life and your journey can most effectively begin. That is from the foundation. It is the place where you plant your feet (or your heels) into the ground.

The chakra system helps to explain the “foundation” that each of us have and need. The 1st of the 7 chakras in our subtle body is the “root or Muladhara” chakra. Wellness guru, Deepak Chopra, describes the “root chakra” as relating “to our most basic survival needs and our sense of belonging, whether to our family or a larger group. When this chakra is clear and energy flows through it freely, we feel secure and confident that we can easily fulfill our needs. On the other hand, blockage in this area can cause us to feel anxious and worried. This chakra, which connects us to the earth, gives us vital information about whether actions we’re considering will nourish us or pose a threat.”

Throughout much of my 20’s, my foundation wasn’t as stable as it could have been. It was actually pretty shaky. As you can imagine, it’s not easy or very sustainable to build on a foundation that isn’t very strong. This made my career, relationships, & quest to live an overall authentic life more challenging than necessary. A lot of the decisions I made were more reactive & emotional than rational.

Through trial & error (& living life), I thankfully realized I needed to be “grounded”, in order to think clearly & be the best version of myself.

Here are a few lovely practices I’ve learned to strengthen your foundation:



I would love for A Lovely Life to become a part of your foundation & support by giving you some tools to go out into the world & live a lovely life each day.