Homemade Pistachio Mylk

pistachio 2This Green Nut, the Pistachio, has soared in popularity in the last few years. There’s been a rise in pistachio-related foods, like Rosa Brothers pistachio ice cream and Fiddyment Farms pistachio butter. As we can attest to, it’s one “green” food that once you start cracking them open, it’s hard to stop! An added bonus if you’re a Californian: they’re right in your backyard with CA being the 2nd largest producer of pistachios in the world. pistachiosThe Many Benefits of Pistachios (source: American Pistachio Growers):

The facts (below) are based on a 1-ounce serving of pistachios. A 1-ounce serving = 49 nuts, more nuts per serving than any other snack nut, so fill that palm up!

heartHealthy snacks are considered to be nutrient-rich foods that contain fiber, lean protein and healthy fat. Pistachios make the ideal snack because they’re a one-stop shop, containing 3 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein and 11 grams of heart-healthy fat per serving.

heartContain essential vitamins and minerals like B6, thiamin, copper and phosphorus.

heartLots of potassium – as much a 1/2 a large banana or 1 orange.

heartThey work double time – they are naturally cholesterol-free & also improve heart health by lowering cholesterol.

heartIncrease antioxidants in the blood, which has been suggested to prevent some chronic diseases.

heartContain beneficial anti-inflammatory properties, perhaps helping to balance out what we do to our body with sugar consumption.

Besides eating them by the handful, here’s another delicious way to get your pistachio fix — How-To Make Pistachio Mylk: pistachio mylk 1INGREDIENTS:

  • 1 cup raw whole pistachio kernels (I used California-grown pistachios from Keenan Farms)
  • 4 cups water (divided)
  • 2 tablespoons honey or maple syrup (depending on your taste, might want to add more)
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • pinch of cinnamon

pistachiosStep 1: Soak the pistachio kernels in water overnight. They are a little harder to break down than cashews.

{Steps 2-4 are the same as making homemade cashew mylk. See the pics in link for visual reference}

Step 2: Add cashews & 2 cups water to a blender (I used a Vitamix). Blend on a low setting & increase speed, if necessary, until nuts are pulverized & it looks like liquid. pistachio_ingredientsStep 3: Blend in 2 more cups of water, your sweetener of choice (I used honey), vanilla extract, & cinnamon.

Step 4: Strain the milk through a fine mesh strainer lined with cheese cloth. This separates the small nut pieces. Store the milk in a covered container in the refrigerator. Keeps for 3-4 days. pistachio mylk_glassThe taste is a little more potent than other nut mylks because pistachios, in general, have a stronger taste. I’d say the flavor of pistachio mylk is green and deep. Drink by the glass or add to coffee & smoothies + enjoy!
2 glasses pistachio mylkVisit A Lovely Life on Pinterest for more on pistachios –  nutritional facts, recipes + more.

Thanks to Keenan Farms for the delicious pistachios & to our local farmers for growing them!

All photos by Shina Welch Photography for A Lovely Life.

Do you have a favorite kind of nut mylk?



Photo Credit: Shina Welch Photography

Photo Credit: Shina Welch Photography

My all-time favorite yoga pose is Legs-Up-the-Wall. I’ve taught this to my mom, husband, friends, & yoga students. They all LOVE it. It’s easy to do, doesn’t take much time, & feels amazing, making it a crowd pleaser.

What is Legs-Up-the-Wall pose? An inversion, which basically means the flow of gravity is reversed & the head is below the heart.

The go-to restorative yoga teacher, Judith Lasater, Ph.D., P.T., wrote a great book, Relax and Renew. In it, she breaks down yoga poses that can help us relax & restore in the high-stress, fast-moving world we live in. “The antidote to stress is relaxation. To relax is to rest deeply & with Legs-Up-the-Wall that can be done in just 5 minutes”, she says.

The Benefits:

  • The most basic reason – it relieves tired or cramped legs & feet.
  • As humans (not animals hanging from trees), we stand or sit most of the day, causing blood & lymph fluid to accumulate in the lower extremities. By changing the relationship of the legs to gravity, fluids are returned to the upper body & heart function is enhanced.
  • Increases circulation all throughout the body.
  • Beneficial for the endocrine system – helps rebalance the thyroid & can also help with fertility.
  • Calming because it helps the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in (the opposite of fight-or-flight).
  • Decreases blood pressure.
  • Restful, but also recharging.
  • Gently stretches the backs of the legs, front torso, & the back of the neck.


I do Legs-Up-the-Wall, without fail, once a day. Sometimes more, depending on the day & how I feel. I’ve noticed I feel much better when I do it than when I don’t.

  • Any time of the day for 5-15 minutes, especially if your legs feel achy or you feel the need to rest & slow down. Good to do at end of the work day.
  • Great after traveling, to recover from jet lag, & after walking, standing, or sitting for long periods.


  • Part of the beauty of the pose is that it can be done ANYWHERE – at home, work, in a hotel room, wherever there is a wall! *If you don’t have enough wall space, you can use the back of a closed door or large piece of furniture like an armoire.
  • A comfortable, quiet area is ideal.


  • A wall.
  • Standard-fold blanket (the firm, wool ones that are typically used in yoga studios) or a thick bath towel folded lengthwise, then in half 2x.
  • Eye pillow (optional) or a folded face cloth.
  • No need for workout clothes. Can wear anything as long as you’re comfortable. foldingbathtowel

How To Do The Pose:

Step 1: Sit on floor with 1 side/shoulder against the wall w/ knees bent, & parallel to the wall. Place your hands on the floor behind you. Step 1-sit@sideofwall


Step 2: Using your arms as support, with 1 smooth movement, swing your legs up onto the wall, gently lower your shoulders & head down onto the floor. Step 2 - swinglesupwall


Step 3: Once in position, make sure your tailbone & buttocks are completely on the floor, not rounded. Move as close towards the wall as feels comfortable. *Options:

  • If your lower back rounds, move slightly away from the wall until your lower back is flat on the floor.
  • If you are close to the wall & feel a strain at the back of your knees, bend your knees a few inches. If that doesn’t relieve the strain, move a few inches away from the wall, bend your knees, & rest soles of feet on the wall.

Place folded blanket or towel under your head & neck to support the space (cervical curve) behind your neck. Make sure your chin is slightly lower than your forehead.

Move legs to hip distance apart. Keep knees relaxed & soft with a slight bend (not locked out), just strong enough to hold them vertically in place.Step 3 - lay down, adjust blanket under neck

Step 4: And you’re in the pose! Place your arms out to your sides w/ palms facing up. Gently close your eyes. If you’d like, place the eye pillow over them. Step 4 - lay down

In The Pose:

  • Take long, slow breaths – inhale & exhale gently through your nose with mouth closed.
  • Tune into your legs – feel the fluid moving from your feet, down your legs, all the way to your abdomen. As the blood flows towards your heart, imagine the tension leaving your legs, softening them.
  • Feel your entire spine & body supported by the floor.
  • Allow your head to soften towards the floor, releasing tension in your jaw muscles, eyes, & neck.
  • With your arms spread wide, feel the openness in your chest & heart.
  • Enjoy the feeling & settle into your breathing.

To Come Out Of The Pose:

Step 5: Remove the eye pillow (if using one). Slowly open your eyes.

Step 6: Bend your knees & lower them down the wall towards your chest. Stay here for a few breaths. Step 5 - knees towards chest

Step 7: Roll to 1 side. Stay for a few breaths. *If get up too quickly, can feel light-headed. Step 6 - roll to side

Step 8: Slowly push yourself up to sitting. Step 7 - push yourself up

Step 9: You feel amazing – calm & refreshed.

This is too cute not to share…it’s kid-tested & approved too! He loved it! 🙂 even kids love it!

NOTE: The pose is very safe, but not recommended for those with: a hiatal hernia, serious eye problems, like glaucoma, during menstruation, more than 3 months pregnant, neck problems, migraine headaches, & serious heart problems.

I hope you love it as much as I do!

P.S. This is a repost that I wrote pre-pregnancy. After I was 3 months pregnant, I didn’t do the pose as often and definitely not past 7 months once it became uncomfortable to lay on my back.



A Lovely Home Update

laguna vista_front of house final (1){our home – before}

It’s been awhile since A Lovely Home update. There’s been so much going on. So many details to consider and decisions to make. I work on it or I’m there daily, so I can honestly say it’s become a part-time job. Since I’ve become pregnant, I’ve focused even more on the house, wanting to get as much done while I feel great, have energy and am comfortable! And we’re down to crunch time with the end of October as the expected move-in date.

Here’s a progress update: framing_front of house_use this oneThis is the framing in the front of the house that created a larger Entry and a Dining Room. house_new frontAfter framing was finished and the windows were installed, new siding to the addition went up. We, unexpectedly, also had to replace the old siding on much of the house since a lot of it was damaged when the windows were installed. Such is a remodel…home_new entryhome_new entry windowsHere’s an interior view of the new Entry and Dining Room. With the old single-paned windows gone, these new double-paned windows make a huge difference. They make the house more insulated and up-to-date. And I LOVE large windows! framing_living roomThis is the old framing that was covered in redwood. As soon as you walked through the front door, it felt like you walked straight into this panel. Not a good, expansive look.home_new screenThe new panel with a more airy feel. The opening will have a cool, plywood screen, creating a division between the Living and Dining Rooms. kitchen_demo 2 finalThe old Kitchen with the redwood ceiling.house_kitchen with new panellingThe new, in progress Kitchen. Some of the redwood ceiling was destroyed and reused in the Master Bathroom, so we added new paneling. Thankfully, after trying out a few samples of wood, we found a fairly inexpensive one that’ll achieve the same texture as redwood when painted.

The great thing about going to the house and taking these pictures, even though it looks messy, is that we can see that progress is slowly, but surely, being made. I have an overall vision of what the house will look like and this helps me envision it even more.

It’s not finished yet, so there will be more details and updates to share! Stay tuned…


A Lovely Life Welcomes A Lovely Baby!

nick+kelly hawaii{our babymoon in Maui}

I’m so happy to share that my husband and I are expecting our first child!! It’s a really exciting and (already) life-changing experience. It’s amazing how it’s shifted our perspective and without a doubt it will even more once the baby comes in January.

Two weekends ago we had a Gender Reveal party with our family at my in-law’s home. Here’s a peek: reveal_front door decor{cute front door decor – is it a boy or girl superhero?}  reveal decor_mother goose bookreveal_cupcake tower{delicious cupcakes from my fav bakery, Frosted Cakery}

I was curious to know everyone’s guess of the gender, so we had them grab a pink or blue golf ball. It was interesting that the majority of our family chose pink balls. reveal_golf balls 2I’m so grateful that my good friend, the talented event planner behind hooRAE, Rae Pardini, came to our rescue. She handled the reveal (crazy she knew the gender before us), so we didn’t have to find out before our family did. It was as much a surprise to us as it was to them, making the experience even more special and priceless.

I knew I wanted to do something golf-related, but wasn’t sure what. Rae had the idea to fill a golf ball with either pink or blue powder. When it was hit, the ball would explode and reveal whether it was a boy or girl!
reveal_nick about to hit ballNick and I were nervous, even though we’d be happy either way…reveal_pink smoke!and it’s a GIRL!! Apparently our niece, Payton, is happy she’s getting a girl cousin! reveal_payton with ballreveal_pink golf ball in our hands Reveal_pink ball in 1:2{ball (on right) post-explosion} reveal_pink cupcake up closeWe’ve appreciated all the support and excitement from our family and friends. I’m really looking forward to A Lovely Life continuing to evolve with more topics, including the pregnancy, childbirth + baby. I hope you enjoy it as well!

Stay tuned…


An End of Summer Dinner Party: The Dessert

SR_final cobbler side shotWhen Chef Shayna and I put our heads together to create a simple + seasonal menu for a casual Summer dinner party, one thing instantly on the menu was peach cobbler. To me, peach cobbler has always been the epitome of Summer – fresh, juicy peaches with the most delicious, crumbly topping. Served slightly warm with vanilla ice cream on top and you had the perfect dessert!

There’s so many recipes for peach cobbler, but we chose to make Shayna’s tried-and-true one. Our idea to serve them individually in small ramekins is so it’s easy for guests to grab and mingle. We used peaches grown by Shayna’s grandfather, keeping it very local. 🙂

Hopefully you’ve been following our End of Summer Dinner party posts – each one with a different part of the meal. bruschetta, salad, lemonadeheartTHE MENU

Drink: Refreshing Lemonade with a healthy twist (a cocktail version too!) – coming this week.

Appetizer: Bite-Size Bruschetta Cups

Main Dish: Chicken Summer Salad with strawberries & goat cheese

Dessert: Mini Peach Cobbler

Mini Peach Cobbler: 

adapted from Shia LaBeouf’s recipeSR_whole fresh peaches in bowlservings: 6


Fruit Mixture:SR_fruit mixture ingredients

  • 5 cups of fresh peach wedges (about 6 peaches)
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 1 cup sugar

Topping:SR_topping ingredients used in peach cobbler

  • ½ cup flour
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • ½ cup melted butter
  • ¾ cup melted butter
  • ¾ cup chopped pecans
  • 3 envelopes instant apple cinnamon oatmeal

Prep: SR_kelly + shayna cutting + dicing peaches1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare (6) ramekins with cooking spray. SR_stirring peaches, flour and sugar together 2. In a large bowl, combine the fruit mixture – peach wedges, flour + sugar. Toss to coat. Divide peaches equally in ramekins. SR_adding oatmealSR_adding butter3. In a medium bowl, combine the topping ingredients – flour, brown sugar, melted butter, oatmeal + chopped nuts. The mixture will be lumpy. SR_stir topping mixture together4. Top peaches with this mixture. SR_layer oatmeal mixture on top of peaches5. Bake for about 20-25 minutes, until fruit mixture is bubbly + topping is slightly browned. SR_cobbler ready to be bakedServe warm or at room temperature with ice cream or whipped cream, if desired. SR_final cobblerAnd you have a delicious, sweet and fresh Summer dessert! SR_cobbler overhead shot with whip on yellow plateWe hope you try these recipes for an End of Summer party and like them as much as we do.

Next up: the drink!

Photos by Photography by MJD for A Lovely Life.

Find out more easy recipes your friends, family + kiddos will love at chefshayna.com.

Do you have a favorite Summer dessert?



An End of Summer Dinner Party: The Main Dish

bruschetta, salad, lemonadeTo make the most of the rest of Summer, I was fortunate enough to have Chef Shayna help me plan a menu, prepare the food and throw a casual End of Summer Dinner Party. We created simple, delicious and (mostly) healthy recipes with the goal of using food that’s in season and will make our guests feel great + summery!

Our friend, Brittany, came over and we had so much fun just in Shayna’s kitchen, learning how to properly chop and make dishes we hadn’t before. If you’ve been wanting to plan an activity with friends, get in the kitchen!


Drink: Refreshing Lemonade with a healthy twist (a cocktail version too!)

Appetizer: Bite-Size Bruschetta Cups

Main Dish: Chicken Summer Salad with strawberries & goat cheese

Dessert: Mini Peach Cobblers Summer recipe_bruschetta_filling the cupsYesterday’s post was on the bite-size bruschetta cups. Today’s is the Main Dish – the Chicken Summer Salad, which could also be accurately called “A Bowl of our Favorite Things”. All of the ingredients used in the salad are really good individually. When combined they make a sweet and savory explosion! SR_summer salad_overhead shotLight and nutrient-rich spinach and butter lettuce with flavorful chicken, smooth avocado, sweet strawberries, creamy goat cheese, crunchy pistachios and deep olive oil makes for a colorful, protein + healthy fat-packed salad.

The good thing is that this salad would be great anytime of the year. For Fall, instead of strawberries, swap in any other fruit that’s in season, like figs or grapes. SR_drizzle with balsamic glazeLovely Chicken Summer Salad:

servings: 4


  • 1 whole rotisserie chicken, deboned + cubed or 3 grilled chicken breasts, cubed
  • 6 ounces of spinach (about a bag)
  • 6 ounces of butter lettuce (about a bag)
  • 6 ounces crumbled feta or goat cheese (we used goat cheese)
  • 5 cups strawberries
  • 1/2 cup raw pistachio kernels from Keenan Farms or ½ cup candied pecans – or any of your favorite nut
  • 1-2 avocado, chopped


  • ½ cup olive oil
  • salt + pepper to taste
  • drizzle of balsamic glaze (we used Trader Giotto’s)

Prep: SR_lettuce up closeChop or tear + combine the lettuces in a large salad bowl. SR_deboned + cubed chickenSR_add chicken to saladIn this order (the thinking is heavy to light ingredients), add the rotisserie chicken. SR_avocadoThen, add the avocado. SR_slice strawberries 1Add the strawberries.SR_goat cheese crumbles 2Then, the goat cheese.SR_raw pistachio kernelsSR_add nuts to saladand finally the pistachios. SR_add olive oil to saladDrizzle olive oil over salad, then balsamic glaze. SR_drizzle with balsamic glazeSR_final summer salad_close upSR_summer salad on plateSince it’s so bright and beautiful, wait until your guests have seen it, then toss right before ready to serve!

Check back in for the Mini Peach Cobbler recipe…

Photos by Photography by MJD for A Lovely Life.

Find out more easy + great recipes your friends, family + kiddos will love at chefshayna.com.

I’d love to know – do you have a favorite Summer salad recipe?



An End of Summer Dinner Party: The Appetizer

bruschetta, salad, lemonadeOne of the best things about Summer are its long, sunny days. Everything seems a little brighter and lighter. It makes it the perfect time to gather friends together for a casual meal, especially with all the delicious and nutritious produce in season.

I asked Shayna Telesmanic (a.k.a. Chef Shayna), the owner of Young Chefs Academy in Fresno and Food Editor for ABC30 to help me create a menu and cook a light and healthy Summer meal for a few of our girlfriends. I really like her way of making easy and no-fuss recipes so any of us feel like we can make them!

The goal for all the drinks and dishes on the menu was low-maintenance, in season and to avoid spending much time in a hot kitchen. We also wanted it to be fun for your friends or kids to jump in and help out. Basically, nothing that requires so much work that you stress over it.Summer recipes_Kelly & Shayna by final mealThis is what we came up with for a celebratory End of Summer Casual Dinner Party…


Drink: Refreshing Lemonade (a cocktail version too)

Appetizer: Bite-Size Bruschetta Cups

Main Dish: Chicken Summer Salad with strawberries & goat cheese

Dessert: Mini Peach Cobblers

Today, we’ll start with the bruschetta cups. summer recipes_bruschetta cups_side viewBruschetta Cups 

servings: 4.


  • sliced wheat or white bread or wonton wrappers (best to use bread with a more moldable texture, like Sara Lee)
  • 1/2 basket of red or yellow cherry tomatoes
  • 15 small mozzarella balls (buy the ones in liquid)
  • about 6 leaves of fresh basil, finely cut
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • balsamic glaze (we like the Trader Giotto’s one)
  • salt & pepper, to taste

Prep: Summer recipes_roll out bread, step 2Roll out each slice of bread with a rolling pin. Summer recipes_bruschetta_cookie cutter, step 3With a 2” round cookie cutter, make 24 rounds out of the bread. Spray a mini cupcake pan with cooking spray to form a light coat. Summer recipes_forming bread into panPlace and mold rounds into the cupcake pan. Bake at 375 degrees for 12 minutes, or until lightly browned. Summer Recipes_bruschetta_chop tomatoesSlice the cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls into 1/3 pieces. Summer recipes_bruschetta_slicing mozzarellaToss the tomatoes and mozzarella together in a bowl with the olive oil. Season with salt & pepper to taste.  Summer recipe_bruschetta_filling the cupsOnce bread is baked, add the tomato and mozzarella mixture equally into the bread cups. Drizzle balsamic glaze on top and garnish with fresh basil. Summer recipes_bruschetta_drizzle balsamicSummer recipes_passing bruschettaAnd enjoy!!

Check back in tomorrow for the Chicken Summer Salad recipe!

Photos by Photography by MJD for A Lovely Life.

Find out more easy + great recipes your friends, family + kiddos will love at chefshayna.com.

We’d love to know how you like it, so please let us know.



One Year Anniversary of A Lovely Life!

regularlogoBThis month marks the first anniversary of the launch of A Lovely Life! Since last August, it has been a time of amazing growth, improvement and lessons.

Writing the blog has brought up areas of my life that I need to work on. It’s taught me about prioritizing, goal setting, time blocking, clear communication & transparency and knowing how I work best. These have all been blessings.

I love being able to share Health + Wellness, Authentic Living, Lifestyle and Beauty + Style topics with you! I also love collaborating on stories with like-minded people. I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog too and that it’s made your life a little bit more lovely.

These are some of my (+ your) favorite posts from the 1st year:

heartWorking Out & The Lean Out Cleanse with FitnessSocial

heartHow To & the Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing


heartA Lovely Home: Our Home Remodel

heartHow to Organize 101: Help from a Professional Organizer

Please stay tuned for what’s to come in the future ~ new content, a new web design, great photography + more!

I’d love to hear from you. Do you have any suggestions for the blog? What content and topics would you like to see more of? How often would you like there to be a new blog post?

THANK YOU for your support this first year!


A Superfood, Turmeric

turmeric, pic via well+goodA lovely life is a healthy life. Part of a healthy life is eating/drinking a balanced diet consisting of greens, protein, good fats and complex carbs. If most of what you eat isn’t natural, unprocessed and nutrient-dense, you most likely don’t feel as vibrant and clearheaded as you could and should! One easy way to up the health and wellness of your diet is to add in superfoods, like turmeric.

heartWhat is Turmeric?

The brightly-hued turmeric is a popular culinary spice in Asian and Indian cultures. It’s found in a lot of Indian dishes like curries, but also gives basic American mustard its color.

Turmeric is also a disease-fighter. Curcumin, the compound found in turmeric, has been shown to prevent many illnesses due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers. These are some ways it works its magic…

heartThe Health Benefits of Turmeric:  

  • tames heartburn & an upset stomach.
  • prevents heart attacks.
  • delays diabetes for those with pre-diabetes.
  • prevents or helps fight cancer.
  • protects the brain & promotes repair to stem cells in the brain. *great for recovery from neurodegenerative diseases like stroke & Alzheimer’s*
  • curbs joint pain as effectively as ibuprofen.

I heard about and was encouraged to try turmeric by an Ayurvedic practitioner. She’s a big proponent of including it in your diet because of its anti-inflammatory properties. I first started to use it in kitchari, an Indian dish that’s a complete meal.

Lately, I’ve been craving macaroni and cheese, which doesn’t happen often. I was tempted to make homemade macaroni and cheese (the real, cheesy deal) or the store-bought Annie’s. Looking through mac and cheese recipes on Pinterest, I saw this healthy, creamy recipe. Of course, I can’t pass up a healthy twist on a comfort food! mac and cheese via MindBodyGreen

the healthy mac & cheese recipe I made. 

I used fusilli pasta because it reminds me of the Kraft spiral Macaroni and Cheese I absolutely loved as a kid. It turned out well and was easy to make. It’s such a powerhouse meal (healthy fats + complex carbs) that I heated it up for breakfast the next morning.

heartOther Ways to Incorporate it into your Diet: 

Taking a turmeric capsule or tablet is always an option. But, to enjoy its flavor, I found some great, appetizing ways to add it into your diet on one of my go-to health & wellness sites, Well + Goodturmeric milk

hearta warming turmeric milk.

heartstart your morning with Taryn Toomey’s (creator of the class) detoxing turmeric tonic.

heartkosmic kitchari recipe from the yogi behind Santa Monica’s Bhakti Yoga Shala.


be creative and sprinkle it on scrambled eggs, potatoes, roasted veggies or whatever else you can think of.

Sources: Huffington Post and Well + Good articles. Read more in depth about the amazing benefits of turmeric here and here.  

Images by: (1 & 3) Well + Good, (2) mindbodygreen.

I hope you enjoy!

I’d love to know – do you eat turmeric? If so, let me know your favorite recipes!


A Lovely Body: Congrats Dina Juve!

next fitness starIf you’ve been following my fitness, nutrition and weight loss journey over the past few months, you know that I’ve been working out at FitnessSocial, guided by Dina Juve. She’s played a big role by being very hands-on.

Before beginning, I met with her, talked to her about my primary goals and in her no-nonsense, yet understanding way she’s helped me get there. I credit her for encouraging me and holding me accountable me while doing the Lean Out Cleanse, during workouts and with the weekly measurements. Dina's before + after{Dina’s before + after}

It’s clear she practices what she preaches and it works! I’ve seen the results in my own body, in her clients and in her’s. She was overweight in her early 20’s. Unhappy with the way she looked and felt, she made the commitment to improve her well-being. As a result of making exercise and a clean diet a new part of her lifestyle, she lost a total of 80 pounds. The fact that she has kept the weight off for 20 years has always impressed me. That commitment, determination and goal-setting is what she passes on to her clients.

A reason why I wanted to partner with her is because she encourages you to create a body you love – in complete alignment with creating a life you love! If you follow and commit to the plans she gives you you will lose weight, get in better shape and, most likely, feel more comfortable in your body. Dina_next fitness star{the 5 ladies chosen. Check out Dina front + center}

Because of all of this I’m sooo happy that Dina has been selected out of thousands throughout the country as a top finalist for Women’s Health 2015 Next Fitness Star! She’s 1 of 5 women chosen as “the strongest and most inspirational personal trainers”.

She’s helped so many on their fitness journey, so now’s the chance to follow and support her. Read about Dina, watch her video and learn about the other 4 motivating ladies on thenextfitnessstar.com. You can vote daily with voting ending August 3rd. Tell your friends to vote too!

I’d love to know — what inspires you about Dina’s story?

the next fitness star photos are via Women’s Health.