A Lovely Home Update

laguna vista_front of house final (1){our home – before}

It’s been awhile since A Lovely Home update. There’s been so much going on. So many details to consider and decisions to make. I work on it or I’m there daily, so I can honestly say it’s become a part-time job. Since I’ve become pregnant, I’ve focused even more on the house, wanting to get as much done while I feel great, have energy and am comfortable! And we’re down to crunch time with the end of October as the expected move-in date.

Here’s a progress update: framing_front of house_use this oneThis is the framing in the front of the house that created a larger Entry and a Dining Room. house_new frontAfter framing was finished and the windows were installed, new siding to the addition went up. We, unexpectedly, also had to replace the old siding on much of the house since a lot of it was damaged when the windows were installed. Such is a remodel…home_new entryhome_new entry windowsHere’s an interior view of the new Entry and Dining Room. With the old single-paned windows gone, these new double-paned windows make a huge difference. They make the house more insulated and up-to-date. And I LOVE large windows! framing_living roomThis is the old framing that was covered in redwood. As soon as you walked through the front door, it felt like you walked straight into this panel. Not a good, expansive look.home_new screenThe new panel with a more airy feel. The opening will have a cool, plywood screen, creating a division between the Living and Dining Rooms. kitchen_demo 2 finalThe old Kitchen with the redwood ceiling.house_kitchen with new panellingThe new, in progress Kitchen. Some of the redwood ceiling was destroyed and reused in the Master Bathroom, so we added new paneling. Thankfully, after trying out a few samples of wood, we found a fairly inexpensive one that’ll achieve the same texture as redwood when painted.

The great thing about going to the house and taking these pictures, even though it looks messy, is that we can see that progress is slowly, but surely, being made. I have an overall vision of what the house will look like and this helps me envision it even more.

It’s not finished yet, so there will be more details and updates to share! Stay tuned…


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