A Lovely Body: Yoga

yoga_warrior 3Creating a lovely life and a lovely body is about balance. Yes, to lose weight and get in shape, intense workouts are great, but it’s not good to go hard all the time. While working out with FitnessSocial, I’ve seen amazing results from their TRX & Kettlebell classes, but I truly think that what has kept me committed is having a variety of classes to go to. FitnessSocial_logo_transparentThis week I felt like taking it down a notch, so I swapped a Kettlebell class for Lucy Wells’ Express Flow Yoga. Even though I’m a certified yoga instructor and practice at home, I still love to take classes from other teachers (like Kellee’s Yoga Bliss) and try to do so as much as possible. Sometimes it’s nice and necessary to not have to think about what pose you’ll do next and just follow the lead of the instructor.

The class was great! It was an opportunity to connect with my breath and body. A guided reminder to take long, deep inhales and exhales, flooding my entire body with oxygen. We don’t stop breathing during other fitness classes, but any good yoga instructor will encourage you to focus on your breath.

What’s also great about yoga is that you can take it at your own pace. Don’t feel like going into Downward-Facing Dog? Then, do Child’s Pose. And you get a dose of spirituality. It’s an all-around rejuvenating mind and body workout.

I’d love to know – do you do yoga to help you connect with your breath? Or do you have another go-to exercise that helps you do that?


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