A Lovely Body: After the Lean Out Cleanse

FitnessSocial_logo_transparentIt’s been about 6 weeks since I completed FitnessSocial’s Lean Out Cleanse by Dina Juve. If you read the results post, you know I felt fantastic! And that’s the thing – feeling so amazing from the inside-out of course would make me want to continue doing the cleanse. But, cleanses aren’t meant to be a long-term way of eating. Their purpose is to help you reset and maintain a healthy diet. For any of you who have just finished a cleanse or any kind of short-term diet, you’ve probably asked, “What now?”. That’s exactly what I thought after Day 5 of the Lean Out Cleanse. FS_cleanse before + afterBefore (Day 1) + After (Day 5) pictures

Dina recommends immediately transitioning to their Slim Down Plan. New foods, like steel cut oats, will be reintroduced into your diet so you won’t feel like you’re still on a cleanse. The easy-to-follow plan will keep you on your health journey, as well as help you continue to reach your weight-loss goals. It’s a good option for me because I do want to continue to eat healthy and mindfully and keep the bloat away. The cleanse really was proof (see the before & after pics) that diet is as equally important as exercise. I kept up the same fitness schedule while on the cleanse, lost 8″ all over my body and significantly reduced the bloat in my belly. FS_Overhead swings, step 2Another benefit of the cleanse that I just realized the other day is that it helped me get rid of some cravings. On Day 1 of the cleanse, one of the hardest parts was not having a piece of dark chocolate at night. It had become part of my nightly routine, so I was used to it. I was curious to know if I wanted it because it was truly something my body was asking for OR if I was eating it out of “comfort”. My question was answered. Since the cleanse, chocolate doesn’t even sound appetizing and I haven’t had it!

Next week, Dina will tell us about some of her favorite complex carbs and their benefits.

We all have foods we like to indulge in. I’d love to know – what food cravings do you want to kick?





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