A Lovely You: Get Braided by Blown Away

BA_Final A Lovely Life BlowoutYesterday we showed how to get this loose, beach wave blowout from Blown Away. What I like about a good blowout is that it doesn’t just last for the day, but my hair looks great 2, 3 days after. It’s, for sure, a timesaver, which is always welcomed!

But, what do you do when you’re going on that 3rd or 4th day and your hair isn’t looking too hot? Or when you don’t feel like wearing your clean hair down? This quick, easy + stylish braid is an alternative to throwing your hair up in a bun or ponytail.

Stylist, Macie, shows us the A Lovely Life braid on our beautiful model and Blown Away regular, Lauren Hoekstra.

heartThe Textured Side French Braid:BA_starting braid, step 1heartStart high, near the roots, on the right side. Grab 3 pieces of hair & begin the french braid. We left wisps of hair around the face for the beachy, slightly messy look.BA_braid, step 2heartContinue grabbing pieces from the right side (they get larger) as you braid towards the base of your head. BA_braid, step 3BA_braid, step 4BA_braid, step 5heartBraid entire right side. On the left side, leave a section of hair out from the ear forward. BA_braid, finished right sideheartOnce braid reaches the base (lower center) of your head, keep the ends straight & wrap them into a small bun. Use 2 large bobby pins to secure in place. BA_braid, add left sideBA_braid, added left sideheartGrab the section of hair on the left side & make a loose, textured pin curl. BA_braid, connecting 2 sides.heartConnect the 2 pin curls & secure in place with 2 more bobby pins. BA_final braidBA_final braid_profileheartSpray UNITE’S TEXTURIZA all over to texturize. We like the messy look so texturizing is a must. You got yourself a braid!

And a special offer just for you…mention A Lovely Life or request the A Lovely Life blowout or braid at Blown Away to receive 10% off your blow dry + style!

I hope you enjoy!

Photos by Photography by MJD for A Lovely Life x Blown Away.




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