A Lovely Body: The Lean Out Cleanse Results

FitnessSocial_logo_transparentI began FitnessSocial’s Lean Out Cleanse by Dina Juve last Monday. I’ve been on this fitness + weight loss journey with FitnessSocial since early March. If you’ve been following, you’ve seen my weekly posts documenting my progress with its challenges and successes. FS_Overhead swings, step 2At the beginning, I was mostly focused on the fitness aspect. I, of course (and thankfully!), was seeing results and losing inches since I had pretty significantly stepped up my workout regimen. Dina started having me follow a customized nutrition plan. Then, right before my first goal date I thought about, with Dina’s encouragement, doing her Lean Out Cleanse. Mentally, I wasn’t ready.

After a girl’s trip, other out-of-town trips and just from my regular habits, I wasn’t eating as mindful, smart and clean as I’d like to. Even though the majority of the time I was eating “healthy” foods, I felt bloated. With the cleanse in the back of my mind, I finally felt ready to commit to it because I wanted to feel better. I felt comfortable with the cleanse because I like why she created it. It’s for when you’re craving certain foods, use this 5 day plan to maintain your healthy eating lifestyle without the cravings. fit365_making in shakerDina gave me a pep talk before starting the cleanse. She knows I’ve been hesitant to do it because I don’t like the idea of restriction. For one, she said it’ll be freeing because I won’t have to think about what I’m going to eat. The plan specifies food and drink options for each meal and snack. All you have to do is be prepared by having those foods on hand and ready to go when you want them. It’s like following a script; there’s no second-guessing.

She knows mental + spiritual wellness is important to me, so she said it’ll allow me to really pay attention to my mind + emotions. Before eating, ask myself: Am I really hungry? Or do I just want to eat because of some emotional deficiency? A lot of us don’t ask ourselves those simple, yet loaded questions.

I kept a daily journal while on the cleanse to keep track of what I was eating and how I was feeling. Here’s an inside look:

heartDay 1:

Day 1’s food options are kind of like what I typically eat in a day, with the exception of dark chocolate. I felt good and definitely didn’t feel restricted. I enjoyed dinner, ate slowly and stopped before I was full. The hardest part was not having a piece of dark chocolate at night, which is one of the reasons I’m doing this cleanse – to kick sugar cravings. It made me question, “Am I dependent on chocolate for emotional reasons? Do I eat it out of comfort?” FS_ab work, step 2heartDay 2:

I went about my usual workout schedule, starting the day with Dina’s Kettlebell, TRX & Barre class. During the workout, I thought that it’s nice to know I don’t have to worry about food for the day. For the rest of the day, I tuned into my body, focused on working out, work, meditation and catching up with friends.

heartDay 3:

The first thing I wrote about on Day 3 is that I love not having to think about what I’m going to eat. It frees up so much time and energy! Knowing what my meal is helps me focus on savoring each bite of it. I’m slowing down while eating and even while drinking a green juice or protein shake. Doing this also makes me aware of how my body feels. Overall, the cleanse is improving my relationship with food. FS_increase in KB weightFS_deadlift w- 25 lb weightheartDay 4:

In the morning, I took Dina’s Kettlebell, TRX & Barre class. I felt strong as I’m still increasing the kettlebell weights. The cleanse doesn’t affect me at all in the morning because I’m used to only having a green juice before working out. I talked to Dina about how one of the options was making me bloated so we made some modifications. She also said the 4th day is the most difficult and I have to say it was for me. I’ve been craving wine, cheese and carbs! But, like I’ve mentioned, that’s the point of the cleanse – to get those acidic foods out of your system.

heartDay 5:

The final full day of the cleanse! I’ve felt really good. Yes, I’ve been craving a few foods. But, I’m a little sad to be done with the cleanse. It’s helped me reset my diet and get rid of sugar & carb cravings that weren’t serving me too well. I’m looking forward to making food and eating more about enjoying the experience.

The Results from 5 Full days on the Lean Out Cleanse FS_cleanse before + after{Before pic (taken Monday morning) + After pic (taken Saturday morning)}

Inches Lost:

  • Arm: -1/4″
  • Chest: -3/4″
  • Upper Waist: -3/4″
  • Mid Hips: -2″
  • Lower Hips: -2″
  • Upper Thigh: -3/4″
  • Lower Thigh: -1/2″
  • Calf: -1/4″

Total Inches Lost: -8″

Beyond the Numbers:

  • Feel, look & am less bloated, as you can tell by the before & after pics.
  • Abs have more definition.
  • Feel more confident in my body.
  • More mindful of what I’m eating and the portions.
  • Realize I don’t need to eat as much food as I thought I did.
  • Feel more clearheaded & in touch with my emotions.

I like how I felt and looked while on the cleanse so much that I want to use the plan as a daily guideline. I don’t expect to follow the plan exactly every day, but I’d like to try for the most part. Taking daily pics of my abs helped me be aware of when I was puffy/bloated from the food I ate so I’d like to continue to do that for reference.

I would also like to continue working with Dina on making this more of a lifestyle, if that means adding in some of my favorite foods, etc.

I highly recommend the cleanse. Honestly, it’s the best, most sustainable one I’ve ever done! I was just talking to a friend who recently did it. She agrees with me and said she wants to do it once a month to reset.

If you’re interested in the cleanse, contact Dina or Melissa at FitnessSocial.

Photos by Kelsey Burton Photography for A Lovely Life.




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