A Lovely Body: Staying Committed with FitnessSocial


Once I returned from my trip to Charleston, I looked forward to getting back into my workout schedule at FitnessSocial and on track with my diet. I’m sure most of us feel that way after eating and drinking more than usual!

Last week (the first week back) and even the beginning of this week, I felt pretty lethargic, not as strong and not as focused. Like I’ve mentioned a lot in this series, I made modifications so that I didn’t overwork myself. I really appreciate that the instructors totally support that, which sends me the message to listen to my body – the key to a lovely body and a lovely lifeFS TRX class{TRX class at FitnessSocial}

Near the end of this week, I had more energy so I increased the kettlebell weight for some swings. Yay! Energy level isn’t the only factor though. It’s also staying focused and committed. Of course, when I began this fitness and weight loss journey, I was really excited and into it. But, over time it’s normal to lose momentum. For me, this week has been about getting back into the zone. Listening to the instructors break down the exercises, the parts of the body they work and calling out encouragement was and is incredibly helpful.

I was interested to see what my measurements this week would be. I hoped I hadn’t gone up in inches since I last measured (I didn’t!), but I was happy just to know so I can make adjustments. Here goes:

Total inches lost since vacation (2 weeks ago): -1 3/4″

  • Arm: -1/4″
  • High hips: -1/4″
  • Low hips: -1/4″
  • Bottom: -1/4″
  • Upper thigh: -1/4″
  • Lower thigh: -1/4″
  • Calf: -1/4″

Total results since beginning March 9th (7 weeks): -17 1/4″

To further help me clean up my diet, I’m doing a cleanse next week, Monday-Friday. Check back next week as I write all about it.



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