A Lovely Body: Lean Out Cleanse with FitnessSocial

FitnessSocial_logo_transparentThis Monday I began one of FitnessSocial’s weight loss programs, the 5 day Lean Out Cleanse by Dina Juve. I know “cleansing” isn’t typically associated with fun, but I was really looking forward to this opportunity to reset my mind and body. After lots of traveling and feeling like I was veering away from clean and healthy eating habits (wine + eating out), I wanted to put up a stop sign. The Lean Out cleanse was a way to do that!

Being on a regimented diet, both in the short and long-term, isn’t new to me. I’ve done everything from 3-day juice cleanses, drinking juices, no solids until dinner, protein-focused meals to Ayurvedic diets – all in the name of health + wellness. I was turned off by all of them with the common thread being a lack of balance. And unlike while on other cleanses, I’ve been able to continue working out for 45-60 minutes a day at FitnessSocial. lemon_next to waterWhat I like about the Lean Out cleanse is that Day 1 & Day 5 are about cleaning up your diet by transitioning to whole foods. The days in between are really about  reducing your portion sizes which comes from listening to what your body really needs. fit365_ingredientsMind + Body:

Dina’s intention for the cleanse she created is to “reset your body, remove processed and artificial foods, as well as sugar from your diet and reduce portion sizes. It’s completely natural. There are no pills or supplements, just real, whole food.”

It’s not only beneficial for your body, but equally so, for your mind. When you don’t have to think about what you’ll eat for your next meal or snack (the plan specifies food options), it frees you up to mentally connect with your body and focus on fueling yourself for energy and not your emotions.

I want to update you on my progress on the cleanse as of today. Next week I’ll share more of how I felt throughout the cleanse – emotionally, mentally + physically.

Cleanse Results so far:

heart7 inches down in 4 full days.

I hope you enjoy + I encourage you to try the cleanse!



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