Charleston, South Carolina here we come!

Charleston_view of Ravenel bridge{The Arthur Ravenel Bridge}

The end of this week I’m going on a weekend girl’s trip to Charleston, South Carolina! It might seem like a random place to visit from California, but I’m really excited that we chose to go there. About 3 years ago I had saved this weekend guide to Charleston I found in the WSJ. I was drawn to it and knew I wanted to go there at some point!  charleston map

I’ll admit that to get me in the mood, I’ve been binge-watching Bravo’s reality TV show set in Charleston, Southern Charm. I know that’s like watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to find out how Los Angeles is. 😉 But, it is acquainting me with the beautiful city and the southern charmCharleston, SC City Guide{Rainbow Row by A Beautiful Mess}

Post-trip I’m planning on doing A Lovely City guide, but in the meantime here’s a Charleston City Guide by A Beautiful Mess.  It includes lots of places we’ll be trying, so will keep you posted!

Keep following this week for more on Charleston. Have you been? xoxo





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