A Lovely You: Plant Seeds of Intention for Spring

Spring_cherry blossomsI had the pleasure of meeting Lisa McCardle a few months ago in Monterey, California. Anytime I travel and am going to be somewhere for more than a few days, I ask around for recommendations (or google) for go-to health & wellness-focused places – yoga studios, healers, juice bars, restaurants, etc. I heard about Lisa, a colon hydrotherapist & energy balancing practitioner, through the Detox The World website. Lisa McCardle{the lovely Lisa McCardle}

Lisa was a massage therapist for more than a decade at the renowned Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, CA. That speaks for itself. Post Ranch is all about impeccable quality, so you know Lisa is really good. Upon moving to Monterey, she realized her dream of opening her own center with a focus on deep therapeutic healing. This became Flowing Waters Wellness Center. To assist her clients in deep mind & body healing, she expanded her repertoire by becoming certified in Colon Hydrotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Prenatal Massage, Guided Imagery, Feng Shui and Energy Balancing.

We put importance on preparing our home for spring (a.k.a. spring cleaning), so I asked Lisa how we can prepare ourselves for spring – physically, mentally + emotionally and spiritually. She was kind enough to break it down for us.

This is what Lisa says:

The theme for April is expect the unexpected, affirming that anything and everything is possible. Let’s divide this into 3 categories, beginning with: actionrunningshot_NewheartPhysically

Let’s clean house. Spring is an excellent time for a full body cleanse to rejuvenate, refresh and renew from the inside out. There are many options when diving into cleansing, My favorites are food-based cleanses. I would recommend 21-28 days. Start with eliminating the foods that are not serving you. Some favorites are Caffeine, Alcohol, Sugar, Dairy, Grains and ALL processed foods. If you’re going to keep meat and eggs in your diet, then please make sure they are hormone-free and organic. Increase your veggies and fruits (but keep in mind that fruits can be very high in sugar, so eat them consciously), lean healthy proteins, plenty of good fiber, fermented veggies and probiotics. I’m also a huge fan of bone broths.

You could add an herbal cleanse to the elimination diet to support your cleansing desires or do a juice cleanse. I would recommend adding a 1-3 day juice cleanse into the middle of your elimination diet. There are many ways to enhance the results of the cleanse:

  1. Drink a minimum of 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water per day.
  2. Dry skin brushing.
  3. Colon hydrotherapy.
  4. Lymphatic massage, Chryotherapy and Infrared saunas.
  5. Daily exercise.
  6. Proper amount of sleep, about 7-8 hrs.

MeMeditatingpose2heartMentally + Emotionally

Ok, it’s time to take the deep dive into the truth of yourself and your life. Carve out some time to sit and get honest.  Use this time to do a life inventory, perhaps sit and meditate upon this, write it down so you can get really clear. Begin with “What is working fabulously in my life?” So often, when we do stop to look around, we focus on what isn’t working instead of celebrating our victories. Find 1-5 things you can stand up and say a big YES to. Celebrate these wins in your life and take full responsibility that YOU are the creator of these wins!

Now, settle back in, clear the slate, and get down and dirty with the truth. “What could be working better in my world?” “What needs to change?” and “What is holding me back?” Make a promise to yourself to be an open truth-telling book on this one. The first steps to change are to fully acknowledge that change is needed! Then ask yourself. “What would it take to blank?” Insert: Change jobs, recreate or leave a current relationship, get right in relationship with your body, lose the weight, cut the addictions, spend more time with family. Fill in whatever your truth may be. In the asking, you’re opening up all availability to receiving the answer. Reach out for support from a friend, a counselor, a mentor, or a life coach. You don’t have to do any of this alone! Get real, get honest about what is working, what is not, make a plan, get support and take action! The seeds of intention that you plantheartSpiritually

I inspire you to dream bigger then you’ve ever allowed yourself to dream before. Never in the history of time has there been a more profound time to align yourself with your vision and to magnetize that which is your greatest desire.The Universal law, The Law of Attraction, states: That which is like unto itself, is drawn. So, be clear in both your vision and your intention. Ask yourself, “Am I willing to live ALL that I am thinking at any given moment?” The power of your thought is so grand and undiscerning that you must be a clear, concise and conscious creator, and your thoughts are your magical wand.

This brings us to the challenge of our limiting belief systems.  We all have them and mostly we acquired them. The unfortunate truth is that often we are groomed into belief systems that our family of origin hold and also were given, the offering usually goes back many generations. These belief systems are often around money, self-esteem, self-worth, self-value and limitations as to what is or what is not perceived as possible. The truth is that part of your birthright is that ALL you desire is available to you; the trick is YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IT!! Often when manifesting, having it all, creating what you desire is opposed to what you think you’re allowed to have.

In the name of spring, planting new seeds and creating fertile soil for manifestation, I invite you to begin looking at people who have the things you most desire, not just material things, but a way of being in the world that you admire. Perhaps they are confident, social, seem to “have it all”, whatever it is that speaks to you, I invite you to observe them, spend time with them, ask them how they do it.  We tend to shy away from people who have what it is we desire, maybe even judge them.  The truth is moving towards that which you desire allows you to fall into vibrational alignment with it and therefor magnetize it to you. Be gentle with yourselves, these can be deep seated and generationally strong belief systems. But, you have the power, the grace and most importantly, the right to plant new seeds and reap the harvest of new possibilities!

To help you, here is a clearing for limiting belief systems. Say this to out loud to yourself as often as you’d like:

I release all thoughts, all beliefs and all emotions that are no longer serving my higher good. I release all limiting belief systems, all judgements and all fears, that are holding me back from living the life of my dreams. I release familial and generational agreements that I or my family may be holding that is limiting our potential to thrive in the manner of which we desire. I forgive any and all experiences, belief systems or agreements that may have occurred with anyone in my life so we may both be free to move forward, with love, light and joy. I release the past in its entirety and all of the experiences of the past that hold me to a belief that is no longer true.  I set myself, my family, and my lineage free. I open completely to that which IS possible. I plant my seeds of manifestation with clear intention, with optimism and with trust in the perfection of ALL that is. I see myself and my pathway forward in the light of the divine and in absolute perfection. I open to receive fully, completely and unconditionally. In honor and gratitude..so it is..and so it shall be!

I hope this helps you as you go forward into Spring! Thank you Lisa!

To book an appointment with Lisa, call 831.333.0409| flowingwaterswellness.com


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