A Lovely Body: By the Numbers…

FitnessSocial_logo_transparentThis week marks the 1st goal date of my fitness and weight loss journey with FitnessSocial. I can definitely say it’s been a journey. My daily routine has changed with scheduled workouts. This has helped make them a priority so I get a full workout instead of just trying to squeeze one in. Pre-registering for classes really holds you accountable! I think more about what I’m eating and how it makes me feel, not compulsively, but enough so that I’m aware. FS_props by Kelsey Here’s the first half in numbers:

  • 5 days a week of work outs.
  • 6 weeks of working out at FitnessSocial.
  • 27 45-60 minute classes taken.
  • Increase from 5/10 lb to 15/20 lb kettlebells for overhead & 2 hand swings.
  • 5 weeks of working with my personalized nutrition plan.
  • 15 1/2” total inches lost (not including this week).

Week 5: FS_one arm swings{pic from week 1}

Last Friday, I took Melissa’s Cardio Circuit with Kettlebells class. I felt stronger and more comfortable doing a lot of the exercises, like overhead swings and rotating lunges. Even Melissa noticed the difference! I’m able to use heavier kettlebells, increasing from a 10 lb to a 15 or 20 lb bell for overhead swings – a pretty big improvement for me. When I first started I was very careful not to do any swings above my chest since I’ve had shoulder issues before. My firmer abs have helped as engaging your core is involved in basically every exercise we do. fs3_KB, glider for core{a core-engaging exercise}

That night, the signs of a cold started to creep up on me and by the weekend I was full-blown sick with the cold. After taking Saturday off, I went for a walk outside on Sunday because the weather was so beautiful and I feel like light movement is usually always a good idea. I obviously didn’t expect to be sick the days leading up to the goal date. It was a bummer since I would have loved to be able to get in a few more good workouts, BUT it was a lesson. Instead of “powering through”, I knew I needed to put the brakes on and practice self love + self care by getting rest. With my trip coming up the end of the week, I wanted to get better fastlemon_next to water{great way to detox: drink warm water with lemon + honey}

I took Monday off from working out, stayed home for most of the day, got extra sleep (9-10 hours) and drank lots of liquids – warm water with lemon & honey, ginger tea, water, orange juice and nourishing foods like oatmeal and salad with sweet potatoes for dinner. I felt good enough Tuesday to take Melissa’s class, but made sure to take it easy and make modifications as needed. Before leaving town on Wednesday I got in an early 6 AM workout. I’m not an early morning workout person. I’ll avoid them as much as possible, but I knew I’d feel good afterwards.

How I Feel:

Leaving for my trip I felt more toned. I see a difference in my body – more sculpted and lean in a lot of areas. I don’t know if it’s very visible to others, but one of my close friends noticed the difference. How you feel is so important, but it’s nice to receive validation from other’s.

What’s Next:

In the first sentence I say this is my 1st goal date because I want to continue to get in better shape and fine-tune my diet. To do this, I’m going to continue to work out at FitnessSocial, ideally, keeping the same schedule of the past 5 weeks and follow the nutrition plan.

Please continue to follow my journey!

I’d love to know – what have you enjoyed and what would you like to see more of in this A Lovely Body series?

Photos by Kelsey Burton Photography for A Lovely Life.


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