A Day in the Life of Rachel Meis Communications

logoAs curious beings, it’s always fun and interesting to see what happens behind-the-scenes. Usually, even more so in so-called “glamorous” industries like fashion, beauty and entertainment. Why else do you think magazines like Us Weekly and People fly off the shelves?

And what better way to get the inside scoop than by going behind-the-scenes with a mover and shaker in the beauty & accessories world: Rachel Meis Communications, also known as RMC. RMC is a Public Relations Firm specializing in celebrity wardrobing and editorial placement. I can say from personal and professional experience that they’re a truly amazing and (nice!) team led by CEO + Owner, Rachel Meis, Beauty Executive, Alyssa, and Editorial + Digital Executive, Luna.

Last year, Rachel hired me as a freelancer for RMC, primarily focusing on Celebrity Outreach for the 2014 Awards Season. In case you’re not familiar with Awards Season, in the entertainment world it’s the mad dash of a marathon beginning in January with the People’s Choice Awards and ending in March with ultimate event, The Oscars. The Golden Globes, Grammys, SAG Awards and more are in between.

From the outside it sounds and looks like it’s all about movie stars, designer gowns, jewels, the red carpet, parties and champagne. In reality, it’s a lot of hard work, long hours, persistence and hustle. Thick skin is a plus. Even though it’s not as flawless and fabulous as it appears, if you love fashion, beauty & entertainment, then it’s worth it. From a fruits of labor standpoint, it’s rewarding because you can see the results of your effort – whether the celebrity wears your clients jewelry on the red carpet or if it shows up on the pages of a magazine or blog.

RMC has a great roster of clients that keep them on the go. They represent jewelry brands, Jane BaschJason of Beverly HillsJulieriLivHaley, as well as professional beauty line, Hot Makeup.j lo in JBH{Jennifer Lopez wearing Jason of Beverly Hills diamond rings at the American Music Awards}

You’ve seen their clients pieces without even knowing it. They’ve been worn by basically every A-lister – Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, Katy Perry, Madonna, Ryan Seacrest and more.

To give us a glimpse into this world, we’re following the team at RMC for a day. Here’s a day in the life of a PR powerhouse (in their words): An overview of our daily magazine research - looking for clients placements_finalWe start the morning with daily magazine researchlooking for our client placement/pieces in the most recent monthly and weekly magazines. We also check online publications, like Refinery29, Who What Wear and The Zoe ReportPulling inspiration for editorial send outs_finalOnce a week, Luna makes editorial collages to send to all the magazine/blog editors with our “new arrivals” or lookbooks. She gets inspiration from current collages in magazines to see how we can better improve our own and keep up with the latest trends. Masthead hunting for new contacts_finalIt’s key to know who the editors are at each magazine. An editor might leave one publication for another or a new one might join the magazine, so we consistently check the mastheads. (Note: a masthead is a list of the roles of everyone at the publication.) It also helps us discover new stylists to work with. LOOKY LOOKY! Found LivHaley credit in Star Magazine_finalDuring our magazine research we found our client, LivHaley, worn on Brittany Snow! And credited!! Luna arranging flowers for RMCOMM event_finalThere’s no job too small. After picking up flowers from the store, Luna arranges them for that night’s RMC-produced networking event.Made labels for social media tags during event_finalOn the flower vases, social media reminders were attached so everyone stays connected during the event and shares their favorite moments! Being social media savvy is part of the job. Final flower arrangement_finalThe simple + chic final flower arrangement. Final Event set up_finalThe final event set up! A few years ago, I (Rachel) heard lots of people in the industry say how hard it is to meet nice people in LA. This inspired me to create this networking event. I started by getting all my nice industry friends together.  We call it the Nice Girls Club LA. It used to be 12 girls, but this time we had over 20 attendees, gift bags and even sponsors (Loft & Bear, Hask Hair, Purse Case, and Cycle House LA), which was so crazy and exciting! It was held at The District by Hannah Anring picking for celebrity appearance_finalStylists began to get in touch to borrow pieces for their celebrity clients for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. We send options and they pick their favorites. RMC will even deliver the chosen pieces to the stylists. Anything to make their life a little easier!Post event lunch to discuss outcome and new connections made_finalWe like to go to lunch the day after events to discuss new connections made, goals for the next event and chit chat about our favorite moments. This time we had our post-event lunch at Thyme Cafe & Market.

And it doesn’t end there. In between all of these images, Rachel, Alyssa and Luna are constantly keeping in touch with editors/stylists over email. This includes:

heartsetting up pick up times.

heartsending options for events and appearances from pieces we have in-house.

heartasking how photo shoots went.

heartsending credit information to publications.

They are busy girls on-the-go! If you want to hear + see more of their daily adventures, follow RMC on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook!



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