Theme for March: Power It Up!

power finalI love reading the themes for each month. I use them as a “check-in” and as a guide. They help me know how I can go about the month in the best way and what to focus on. The theme for last month was TIME. One of the messages was that there is enough time; that everything happens in “right” timing. Now, the theme for March has moved to POWER.

Lena Stevens writes on MysticMamma, “This is the right timing for some of those ‘what if’s’ to get some ignition and power up with the right combination of fuel. The fuel in this case is the power from energy sources that can be tapped into.” 

What are these energy sources? Stevens says:

  • “Places in your psyche that are still attached to judgement, blame, shame, disappointment, worry, regret, old emotional trauma, wounds and karmic events, and any sense of failure around past or present experiences.” (wow – there’s a lot going on there!)

To know what this is for you, ask yourself: What in your life do you think is holding you back? What pain from the past? What limiting beliefs? A big one for me is not forgiving myself and others. I feel like I need to practice forgiveness, so I can move forward in a more productive and healthy way.

Once you tap into these energy sources that are within you, you connect with your true power. This asks: What is your ‘false self’ vs. your ‘true self’/’true power’?

Your ‘false self’ “is an illusion that others have more power than you do. It is also an illusion that true power can be taken away from you. If you can lose it, it is not true power,” writes Stevens.

“This month you can examine your relationship with power and determine what is power in your life and what is not. This does not mean you cannot have and enjoy what you have been able to manifest as long as you do not give it too much power…”

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I hope you ‘tap’ into your inner power this month!


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