A Lovely Body: Getting into the “Swing” of Things

FS_props by Kelsey{My equipment for Week 1}

Monday’s post announced this new series: A Lovely Body. I’m ready to get in better shape and I’ve decided to do it with the team at FitnessSocial! When I first met with Dina, one of the studio’s Founders & an Instructor, she asked me what I wanted to work on. Is there a specific part of my body I want to focus on? What is my overall goal? I’m glad she asked me these questions because it made me become more clear about my goal. I wrote it down to have as a reminder of why I am doing this and what I am working towards and sent it to both Dina and Melissa. Here it is:

My Personal Fitness Goal: To lean out, tone up, lose weight and feel lighter, more comfortable in my body.

To get me started, they put together a personalized workout schedule with a variety of classes. Instead of being limited to one specific type of workout, they created a nicely balanced schedule that not only includes Kettlebells, TRX, Barre, but also incorporates a ballet and a yoga class. Just knowing that yoga was in there instantly made me more comfortable. It’s important to me to get a yoga class in at least once a week. A new workout regimen can sometimes leave no time for that since there are only so many hours in the day. I’m very happy it’s built in for me!

I’ll give you a glimpse into week 1:

Day 1, Cardio, Barre & Bells with Robyn Sabourin: Somewhat surprisingly, I didn’t feel intimidated on my first day. It was a 45 minute class, which in my mind is a safe, doable amount of time. For right now, Dina is having me start out slow with lighter weights (see top photo of week 1 equipment) and make modifications, as needed. I’ve had shoulder issues before, so for now I’m staying away from overhead swings. In Robyn’s class, we started out by stretching (love this), then transitioned into sets of exercises at the barre, like heel lifts (photo #4), to get the heart rate up. We moved on to strength-training with kettlebells, along with some lengthening moves like Downward-Facing Dog pose with leg lifts. Post-class, I felt great and was able to keep up. FS_one arm swingsDay 2, Kettlebell, TRX & Barre class with Dina Juve: Today, soreness kicked in, but call me crazy, because I love that feeling. It means something is happening! Dina eased us into the choreographed class with warm ups at the barre. Leg work was added, like lunges with Gliding Discs. We moved over to the kettlebells for two hand swings, working the legs, core and upper body. Then, over to the TRX for overhead presses, more lunges and squats. In each squat, I tried to get a little lower towards the floor. I was definitely pushing myself with the TRX strap and my lower body as my support! FS_gliders finalDAY 3, Ballet Bodies: This class is NO joke. I’m familiar with the basic poses (releve, first and second positions), but I’ve never taken ballet, so this class was definitely a learning lesson. Having the stamina wasn’t the only challenge; it was equally about the mind, body connection. Your mind can really play tricks on you with feet placement! It was definitely worth it for posture, balance, coordination and it was fun to leap around the room. 🙂 With it being mid-week, I scheduled a therapeutic massage for later in the day. I wanted to thank my body for working hard and keep it feeling good. FS_heel raises at barreFS_dips on matDAY 4, Kettlebell, TRX & Barre class: My body is sore, mostly my hamstrings. So much so that it’s hard to bend down to sit! Mentally, I’ve felt very focused in class this week, not really thinking about my to-do list. That’s big! I’m also proud of myself because I feel like I can keep up with the class. I don’t feel as strong as I’d like to be, but I know I’ll get there again. This class started with kettlebells, then over to the barre, working the obliques. We focused on the inner thighs (always a good idea) at the TRX and ended with core and stretching. One thing that stuck with me from the class, besides the workout, was what Dina said. She repeated a few times, “Don’t compare yourself to anyone in the room, if they’re going faster or slower than you. This is YOUR workout. This is YOUR time to focus on yourself.” That reminder really helped me draw my attention inward and to know that it was okay to do that, even in a group class. FS_squats with TRXDAY 5, TRX Cardio Yoga Blend with Kellee Dohrman: It was a good Friday workout and a way to mix it up. I felt kind of clumsy in class, despite my yoga background, but it’s inspiration to improve!

Bonus: It’s been great to establish a routine. I’m thankful to work from home and to have a flexible schedule, but I also really like having a routine. Even though the times I workout change daily, they are still in the morning. Starting the day with a workout helps me feel a connection with my body and mind. I try to treat it like a moving meditation.

To sum it up: When Dina measured me today, I’m down 6 3/4″, I feel great and I’m ready for more!

Coming up next week: Introducing a nutrition plan. 

I’d love to know – have you done TRX or Kettlebells & how were your results?

Photos 1-3, 6 by Kelsey Burton Photography for A Lovely Life.

Photos 4,5 by Ali Amendola for A Lovely Life.



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