Spring is in Bloom!

Spring_cherry blossoms{almond trees in beautiful light pink + white bloom. central valley, california.}

Happy First Day of Spring + Spring Equinox!

I was talking to the lovely Anne Van De Water yesterday about all that is happening in the Universe right now. There’s the transformative New Moon in Pisces (happened early this morning at 1am) and Spring Equinox (today & tomorrow). I asked her what it all means, in layman’s terms, and how can I prepare for it?

She suggested I listen to Aleya Dao’s most recent Tall Cup of Consciousness “Reweaving & Rebirthing your Energy” online video. She also recommended I update the list of visions I have for my life, refine it and read it over so they’re crystal clear in my mind.  spring_yellow flowers

{central valley, california}

When I woke up this morning I could feel a new + fresh vibe in the air. Can you? Instead of getting up and going about my morning as usual, it felt like a good idea to lay in bed a little longer and soak in the dreams I had while sleeping. I then listened to Aleya Dao’s message. It was 45 minutes long, but went by really quickly! Aleya asked: For this time of new beginnings, “what qualities do you want to bring into this new chapter? Not the physical things you want to manifest, but what qualities do you want to feel in your life?”

I’d love to know – what’s a quality you want to feel in your life daily? Do you have clear visions of what you want to blossom? Wishing you the best of luck for all your dreams to bloom!

Thank you Kelsey Burton Photography for the beautiful photos!




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