The Present is the Present

be presentHere’s the scenario: You’re somewhere by yourself or with friends/family and you’re thinking of something else entirely. Then, you get down on yourself for not being fully there and in the moment. Has this happened to you? Because my hand is shooting up! I was and am still, but thankfully not as often, guilty of this. There have been so many times when I get stuck dwelling on the past, asking and blaming myself for what I could have done differently. There have been just as many times when I put too much emphasis on the future. But, you know what, it’s a big waste of time! When it comes down to it, all we have is the present. Worrying about the past or the future can’t change or make either one of them better.

Out of really wanting to work on being more present, so I didn’t miss out on what is real in my life, I began this practice of tuning in and asking myself every morning:

“Just for today, I want to…” just for today, i want toHere’s an example of one of mine:

Just for today, I want to: 1) listen to my intuition; 2) go with the flow & don’t make so many plans; 3) focus on work.

Your list can consist of anything you want to focus on for that day. Every day is different and your needs vary, so the list will change. Some days mine include 1) getting organized; 2) have a good time with Kate (insert a friend or another person in your life). It can be as broad as “be an amazing partner” or as simple as “clean the house”.

This one, easy practice has changed my life immensely. It helps to center and ground me. It gives me clarity in how I want to show up and be the best I can for that day and in each moment. Because as they say: bil keane quoteby Bil Keane via POPSUGAR and…mother teresa quoteby Mother Teresa via

I’d love to know – will you try this and/or what are your tips to being present?




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