Lovely Finds 2.20.15

It felt like this week sped by with it being President’s Day on Monday, but there were, as always, some lovely finds of the week:

1. I make a daily effort and take pride in listening, trusting & following my intuition. Most successful people credit their intuition in helping them make good decisions. How to do it: 10 things highly intuitive people do differently. |huffingtonpost.comcupcakes and cashmere career advice2. Making the job search less intimidating: Career advice from my friend, fellow Bruin & a VP of Human Resources, Jenny Greenwald. ||

Beautycounter touchup skin concealer pen final3. Simultaneously giving us peace of mind (they use “safe” ingredients) & flawless skin: Beautycounter’s Touchup Skin Concealer, high waisted trousers, burgundy turtleneck, blazer, messy hair4. This street style at NYFW: High-waisted trousers (key trend for Spring + Fall), turtleneck & blazer – all in earth tones & paired with tousled hair. |image via - denim + suede final5. More NYFW street style: Denim & suede happily together. ||

I hope you enjoy + Happy Year of the Wood Sheep!



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