Lovely Finds 1.29.15

Part of living a lovely life is finding pleasure, beauty + gratitude in small, everyday things that may otherwise go unnoticed. These are 6 of my lovely finds of the week that put a smile on my face.

lovely finds_manners1. Etiquette expert, Lizzie Post, updates us on modern manners: the new rules for real life via lovely finds_ext. of Grand Budapest Hotel2. The whimsical beauty + grandeur of the exterior of The Grand Budapest in the award-winning & nominated movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel and…lovely finds_Mendl's3. Mendl’s bubblegum pink with red font + sky blue ribbon sweet boxes.lovely finds_birthday cake cookies3. Mail-delivered cookies from The Cravory. They demonstrate skillful balance in cookie baking with a soft, gooey center + perfectly baked outside. The Birthday Cake cookie is a must-try.lemons_bowl up close4. The look + taste of lemonsORG_clear boxes in various sizes - large, file box, medium and small, & labelmaker5. The efficient expertise of a professional organizer to help me organize + pack for my move. lovely finds_buckwheat pancakes6. My slightly decadent, yet healthy breakfast this week: Pumpkin buckwheat pancakes topped with almond butter + Lily’s sugar-free dark chocolate chips.

{photo credits: 1.refinery29, 2.grand budapest hotel, 3.the cravory, 4 & 5.shina welch}

I’d love to know – what are some of your lovely finds this week?



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