Homemade Cashew Mylk

CNM-finalPart of living a lovely life is eating & drinking delicious, healthy, & natural food. I’m not dairy-free, but for awhile I’ve been trying out milk alternatives – mostly almond & occasionally soy. As I’m sure you’ve seen, in the grocery aisle there are so many options – from almond to hemp, rice, etc. I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t have a weird aftertaste & that I’d actually want to drink a glass of, not just added to coffee.

The problem is that most of these milk substitutes have derivatives added to them, such as carrageenan (used as a thickener), most likely contributing to the icky taste! Dr. Andrew Weil, an internationally-recognized expert in the field of integrative medicine, has said that these derivatives can potentially promote inflammation in the gut & may increase breast cancer risk. His favorite kind of milk alternative is cashew mylk. We’ve heard a lot about making homemade almond mylk, but making cashew mylk is much easier, taking only a few minutes!

The Benefits of Cashews & Cashew Nut Mylk (source):

  • Good source of unsaturated fat that can help lower cholesterol levels & improve heart health.
  • Help maintain the body’s balance of minerals needed for optimum health, such as copper which aids in production of hemoglobin, collagen (hello, skin!), elastin, & the protection of nerve fibers. Also, includes magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, iron, potassium, selenium, & calcium.
  • Good source of vitamin K (necessary for blood to clot properly), B vitamins (in smaller amounts), & a trace of vitamin E.
  • Adds fiber & protein to your diet.
  • Controls blood sugar, so reduces diabetes risk.
  • Contains several antioxidant compounds that are regarded as anticancer agents, reducing cancer risk.

So, let’s get to it…

{recipe adapted from Cookie + Kate.} 


  • 1 cup raw cashews
  • 4 cups water (divided)
  • 1-2 tablespoons honey or maple syrup or agave nectar*
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • dash of sea salt
  • pinch of cinnamon CNM-step 1

Step 1: Add cashews & 2 cups water to a blender (I used a Vitamix). Blend on a low setting & increase speed, if necessary, until nuts are completely pulverized & it looks like liquid.  CNM-vanilla extract

Step 2: Blend in 2 more cups of water**, your sweetener of choice (I used honey from my dad’s farm-so good), vanilla extract, sea salt, & cinnamon. If your blender can’t fully break down the cashews, strain the milk through a fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth. Store the milk in a covered container in the refrigerator. Keeps for 3-4 days.


  • *I used 1 tbsp of honey & thought it was sweet, but not too sweet.
  • **The recipe yields about 5 cups cashew milk. I only used 2.5 cups of water, which gave me a thicker consistency & a little more than 3 cups milk.  CNM-pour into glass
  • Now, ENJOY! Drink it by the glass, use as coffee creamer, or pour over granola. I already know I’ll be making it all the time!


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